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Laila Fantozzi is a Rotterdam based artist focusing mainly on the art of moving images. Born in Schiedam, she grew up in south of France before moving back to the Netherlands after graduating high school. She always felt different in both the countries she lived in, however, through art she finally found a language within which she could express herself and have everyone understand. In her work she puts an emphasis on diversity and change giving her the possibility to experience and constantly be challenged.

Attentive to detail, she mixes colours and textures as a tool to convey her stories whether in moving or still images. To Fantozzi, combining different media or different techniques is very important in order to translate her concepts and ideas freely. Her goal is to bring a little bit of happiness and joy to her audience and help them escape their reality for a few moments.

Inspired by creative studios like FromForm and Mals, her desire is to dive into creative direction and create new worlds within which she is able to enjoy herself and collaborate with other talented artists.


© Laila Fantozzi ⎥ lailafvh@gmail.com ⎥ +31 6 14 47 41 45

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