I seaweed in your Future

The project:

This project was a commercial project where we had to fictionally collaborate with a brand and create a new project by keeping our own values in mind. We thought of a speculative campaign to advertise and brand the future Adidas products made out of seaweed as a sustainable material. And promote the collaboration of us as makers and Adidas in the next economy.

This is our story:

Our values as a team: Sustainability, simplicity, craftmanship, aesthetism, solution driven. Too much plastic is thrown and found in the oceans every single day which pollutes them and endangers the ecosystems living in it. Many organiasations have already tackeled this problem that is why we want to highlight something else and go deeper into the zero waste subject. What can we do to avoid plastic to go into the ocean ? Remove it from the beginning all together by replacing it with an other strong but biodegradable material: seaweed.

Seaweed isn’t only considered as food anymore it is much more than that nowadays. However its full capacity isn’t yet known by everyone. In this optic we want to make aware how wasteful plastic is and how usefull seaweed can turn out to be. To empower our story and after a lot of reflection we decided to collaborate with the brand Adidas. Well known to everyone, not only athletes, this brand is also standing behing sustainability with their products. Moreover, in the past, they have collaborated with Parley, and have created a line using plastic bottles coming from the ocean to avoid them being eaten by the fish. In this same point of view we want to go even further and so create a line made specificly using seaweed replacing any traces of plastic. Through these clothes we want to show people that something ecofriendly can be aestheticaly pleasing and can eventually save the planet.



© 2019 – Duration 1.25 minutes / 15 seconds 25fps – Stereo Commercial – Collaboration

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