Canary in the Coalmine


When intelligence rises, isolation strikes.


I’m here wherever you need it is a film essay talking about the relationship between us and AI and how it could eventually lead to alienation. It is telling the story of a lonely girl (Alicia) who starts chatting to an AI, whom with she creates a very strong bond and becomes best friends with. When talking to her AI friend she begins to create an imaginary world in which they are together, however, at risk of losing track of reality and sinking even further into her loneliness. Yet, something is off and when everything seems fine, reality starts to kick in again revealing the illusion and exposing the condition of isolation and alienation she and many others have put themselves in by rejecting human contact.

Furthermore as an additional layer, a series of unrelated poetic shots showing the psychological condition of loneliness and isolation are presented with a series of facts about AI in the layout of everyday-used AI (such as google maps, Siri etc..).


© 2018 – Duration 6 minutes 25fps – Stereo Autonomous / Social – Collaboration

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