Liquid Hope


A heartbroken woman finds her way to an isolated B&B. While it’s eerie and creepy, she ends up finding something she didn’t know she was looking for..


The story:

On her way to a dreaded but needed conversation with her ex, Luna finds herself instead driving up to an isolated Bed & Breakfast in the countryside. Upon arrival the receptionist asks her weird and direct questions. His intentions seem genuine, but there’s something odd about him. After being shown to her room Luna grabs some of the snacks and a bottle of ‘local brew’ from the welcome basket and goes to sleep. At night she experiences terrible nightmares, but upon waking up the next morning, she sees herself in the mirror and understands that her nightmares might not have been nightmares at all. As she goes downstairs for help and explanations, she finds herself in an entire new reality…

The Inn:

Bed & Breakfast ‘The Lighthouse’ is one of the oldest establishments in a small village. It was built in the 1700s by receptionist Berwyn’s great great grand-father Archibald, to offer travelers a safe place to spend the night. Archibald’s, and now Berwyn’s, ultimate goal was and is to take care of guests as if they’re family.

At some point in time however, superstitions and jealousy from the locals began to grow and rumours began to spread. People suspected the B&B to be haunted, as some travelers that entered the establishment never came out. The scary tales inevitably killed the reputation of the hotel. Ever since Berwyn inherited the hotel after his parent’s passing more than 30 years ago, the inn seems to have stayed frozen in time.

In the family, it was thought that the B&B was an unintentional meeting point for lost souls. It was said the hotel guided them to a new path in life. How they got on this new path was kept a mystery though. Only the owners of the inn and their heirs know the dark secret to the fundamentals of caring.


Actress: Eline Havenaar (Luna)

Actor: Francis Cox (Berwyn)

Extra’s: Annie Spier van Zwicht – Marieke Hagen – Angelos Perton – Daan Blom – Derek Steeman


Producers: Laila Fantozzi – Julia Eikelenboom – Julia Bakker

Directors: Laila Fantozzi

Writer: Laila Fantozzi

1st AD: Frederike Scheffer

2nd AD: Koen Janssens

Cinematographer: Jason Hornung

1st AC: Nando de Groot

Gaffer: Friso Tjalma

Sound recordist & sound design: Dennis van Rijswijk – Ramon Strien

Art Director & Costumes: Daphne Themen

Makeup, SFX, Hair: Emily Kes – Lona Cerutti

Editor: Joost Horrevorts

Music: Daniel Clason

Grading: Laila Fantozzi

Production assistant: Mischa ven der Burg 

Poster & BTS: Elvin Boer

Catering: James Platt

BTS pictures:

© 2022 – Duration 17 minutes – 25fps – Stereo – Graduation project – Autonomous – Individual

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