My dark side


There is always sun behind the clouds.


When a small girl from a small unknown town in France decides to move to “the Big City” in the Netherlands she goes through many different emotions. Unsure if she did the right decision this short is about the different stages she encounters and how she deals with it. 

Doubt, sadness, confusion and happiness are portrayed referring to the journey she has led. However there is a deeper meaning and a duality. She is also scared of big changes that might happen in her life in general and this creates a loop she can’t come out even if she knows the ending of the story already and that it will be alright in the end.

The voice over is her voice in her head reflecting on the events and how her feelings are mixed up, though she knows she has made the right decision and accepts that this infinite loop will come back through out her life and that she is stronger than those negative emotions and is ready to continue to move on.


© 2017 – Duration 1 minute 25fps – Stereo  Autonomous – Individual

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