Unreachable reality


For Theater Rotterdam I made a split screen video wall with as inspiration the play “Headroom”. Shown in the foyer before and after the different representations the interpretation can be slightly different for anyone who sees this just like the play.

Reality is the main subject in this soundless installation. The nine different screens represent the different realities. The hands are the translation of us, humankind, wanting to constantly have a grip upon our life and existence even though we know it is not possible and that we will never be able to reach it. Always wanting to write our own fate and change our destiny, the silhouette in the middle of the screens is that real reality, that has its own rules and who can’t be grasped. The silhouette is calm and peaceful not paying attention to what is happening around it because it is untouchable. The tempo of the hands is random and alternated, creating a constant loop before going away to to come back at it again with the same force. 


© 2018 – Duration 1 minute 25fps Autonomous – Individual

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