Short virtual reality Horror


Very interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality I had the possibility to experiment and make a short movie using this new technique. In a collaboration with three other students we decided to make a short horror experience using the Samsung 360° camera and its virtual reality glasses. 

In a surrounding that looks like an abandoned basement corridor, the person wearing the headset is immersed into a first person PoV forcing them to look around attracted to different places thanks to the sounds around them without them being able to move. The located sounds effects are guiding the viewer where and when to look at certain places. Multiple events are happening, a couch moving on its own, multiple ghosts whispering close to you or an uneasy woman bringing a trolley before entering an other room, all these incidents create a oppressing feel which is also amplified by the continuously flickering lights.


© 2018 – Duration 2.15 minutes 25fps – Stereo Autonomous – Collaboration

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