Swords, Butterflies & Chewing-gums

Teaser Swords, Butterflies & Chewing-gums


When the trees hear and tell.


This podcast is a fictional-like story, with for every episode a different tree as the narrator which all have a different personality (grumpy/joyful-childish/wise). The story is based on the yearly festival “Nieuwe binnenweg leeft” which represents the spirit of de Nieuwe Binnenweg itself from the morning until the evening. This street is known for its diversity all year around and different arts but at that specific period all the different people and street artists meet and come together to party. A lot of music from different countries around the world are played and a lot of different acts are performed on the street for everyone to enjoy. Because of the many personas created we can imagine a magical world unfolding before our eyes and especially ears.

The first episode will start with Grumpy tree waking up and complaining about his surrounding that he can’t understand (jugglers, peeing dog, couple carving in his trunk, African drummers and the grumpy man/statue).

The second episode will be from the point of view of Joyful tree which describes his surrounding with innocent and wonder-ful ears and eyes. (He will describe the giraffes and animals, children running, “magicians” with bubbles and a hippie).

In the third episode Wise tree will speak and explain his point of view and what he sees in a more philosophical way compared to the two other trees. He talks more about all the things he saw through out the years and reflects on life and its beauty.


© 2017 – Duration 9 minutes (3×3) / 30 seconds 25fps – Stereo Autonomous – Collaboration / Individual

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