When emotions inspire


Through his music pieces describing the rooms in his childhood house, Max pays an homage to his family in order to find who he is as an artist. 


Massimiliano, Max for short, moved five years ago to Rotterdam in order to follow his gut feeling and study at Codarts to become a composer. Playing the clarinet and bass clarinet as main instruments he has developed this urge to express himself through his own music instead of just playing the notes of others he admires. Growing up in a small town in the North of Italy he was a happy child that had the opportunity to experience a lot. At her own rist his mother gave him a lot of freedom giving him the possibility to follow his true emotions when making choices in life. To him emotions are like this enthusiasm that keeps him doing things, it is the only way he knows how to live. However, through the years, he lost some of his spirituality, in reality, he lost in some way the capability to speak to himself and be truly honest. With his compositions Max wants to describe his life from the beginning like a documentary, go back to the feelings he felt as a child and pin point what makes him, him, to answer the question: who am I ?

One thing that was crucial for him to grow as an artist, and that never stoped, was the support of his family emotionally (and some what financially). Within this movie we focus on one of his projects he is working on; in which he wants to create these five little symphonic stories based upon five rooms in his family house that made an impact on him. By reflecting on his past he remembers the feelings he felt all those years ago in comparison to what he feels now when he sees pictures of those places. These five rooms also represent members of his family he wants to pay a tribute to. In between the parts of him drawing these important rooms we see Max in a safe environment leading his group through the rehearsals and the listener can hear him speak about his relationship with music and why it is so important to him.

We will hear Max tell his story as well as the process behind the sounds he creates for each part of the house and the poem. Supported by photographs of him as a kid and of the rooms and drawings we will also see Max rehears his piece and see the emotions he feels by playing and creating those sounds.


© 2019 – Duration 17 minutes – 25fps – Stereo – Autonomous – Individual

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